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Rychlý kontakt

Pražská třída 799
500 04 Hradec Králové

Tel: (+420) 777 764 535
mobil: (+420) 777 764 533
e-mail: odbyt@drevotvar.com

Welcome to the Drevotvar.com Website

drevotvar.com is a producers' cooperative that has been specializing in manufacture of top-quality custom-made furniture of small series for a long time. It ranks among leading manufacturers of domestic and office furniture as well as of wide variety of bank and office fittings and equipment.

We also offer restoration of original furnishings in buildings with outstanding interior architecture and manufacture of the respective metal mountings in our own metal-working shop. Drevotvar.com is constantly improving its surface-finish technology using high-resistance varnishes. Its products are designed by a team of its own designers.



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